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    bucket list

    Revive your mojo and create a list of a lifetime - to achieve in your lifetime. my50 is home to thousands of inspirational goals and people to help you compile your life 'must-dos' so you need not be short of ideas.

    It's your life list, so whether your goals are big or small, popular or unique, you'll find a place to list them and tick them off as you go.

  • Achieve and share

    Yes, it's your bucket list but it's also worth sharing. Be proud of what you achieve - tick off your goals as you achieve them, claim your certificate for each goal, and then share your achievements with others.

    We'll even highlight the latest and greatest achievements on the site, so see if your achievements can inspire a whole loads of other bucket listers to follow suit.

  • Inspire and be inspired

    Our achievers and goal setters are an inspirational little bunch, full of ideas and advice on how to successfully reach your goals. Start connecting with them and build your own support and cheer squad as you tick off one life goal after another.

    If you'd rather keep your bucket list to yourself, then that's okay too - my50 can be as private or as connected as you want it to be.

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