50cc motorbikes have been a passion of mine since I could first walk! My dream from about the age of 4 years old was to have a Honda Z50 Monkey Bike. I kept this dream alive for years, every birthday and every Christmas asking for a monkey bike… but it was not to be…

Eventually at the age of 16 I got my first bike, a Suzuki RG 50 Gamma! This was the start of my 50cc riding adventure. Since then I have bought, sold, ridden, restored and collected many, many 50cc bikes and it still goes on today, 30 odd years on….

Now I share this passion with people all over the world who love 50cc motorbikes just as much as me (sometimes even more than me!)  This site is for  you guys and girls out there…. I look forward to hearing your story…Braaaaap!

Brent Carpenter

Our mission is to provide a platform for anyone who loves 50cc motorbikes, to share their passion and connect with other small bike fans from around the world.


Brent Carpenter