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Motorcycle Auctions – You now have the opportunity to have access to buying any motorcycles and parts with MY50.com via our Japanese motorcycle auctions. Japanese motorcycle auctions offer all kinds of motorcycles from mopeds and scooters to sports bikes and cruisers as well as off-road bikes and vintage motorcycles. 

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How to Buy Motorcycles From Japan

How To Bid On Japanese MOTORCYCLE Auctions

Honda Z50 Monkeybike at Japanese Motorcycle Auctions
Japanese Motorcycle Auctions
Japanese Motorcycle Auctions_Harley Davidson
Japanese Motorcycle Auctions by MY50

How to browse motorcycle auctions:

Once you have registered you will be led to a search dashboard where you can search bikes by many different variables.  There are several different auctions each week. If the motorcycle, you are searching for is not listed it’s because there is no bike like that on this specific auction but try another auction or another date. 

Remember you are not buying off a shelf you are buying on what’s available to the market at that time. This is why it is good to spend some time learning the market to see what’s available. Browsing is FREE so log in and browse often so you get to know what the options are.


If you would like a FREE training session on how to use the system please feel free to CONTACT MY50 and we will guide you through the process on a Zoom call or phone call.


Once you have found the bike you want to bid on enter your bid amount and “put” your bid in. This action will send us an e-mail and we will get in contact to confirm your bids and go through the process with you.

NB*** There is no commitment from your side until we have been in contact with you. Once we have been in contact and made sure this is the bike you want we will place the final bid on your behalf.

Before you bid you need to know

  • Buyers must ensure the auction number and the bidding price are correct.
    MY50 Limited will not take any responsibility for errors made by the Buyer with the auction number or bidding price.
  • All bids are FOB (Free On Board) unless otherwise previously agreed between MY50 Limited & the Buyer. This means all local costs are included in the FOB bid price that you place. These costs include but are not limited to: Auction Fees, Transport Fees, Admin Fees, Bike Packing Fees, and Local Bike Transport Fees. 
  • All Vehicles or Bikes purchased through the MY50 World Auction system are on an “AS IS” basis. This is important to note! Although MY50 and its agents try our best to describe, catalogue and photograph bikes the final decision is yours.
  • MY50 Limited, agents and intermediaries will not accept any Claims due to the bikes bought not being in the condition expected.
  • Claims will NOT be accepted for
  • Bikes that are Ranked 0, or 1, 2,3,4,5,6 or NOT Ranked.
  • All Claims for any product bought through MY50 Limited must be made within 7 calendar days following the date of purchase.
  • Any Claims for any product bought through MY50 Limited regarding packing or damage occurring in a container must be made within 7 calendar days following the Date of unloading.
  • If requested by the Buyer, MY50 Limited will inspect the bike and give the Buyer feedback/advice prior to bidding on the bike.
  • If more than one bid is received for the same unit and that unit is purchased the unit will go to the Highest Bidder.
  • MY50 Limited will try to keep the Buyer informed of current bids on the Bike.

Final Bids

  • All bids are final, therefore unless the Buyer alters the BID with MY50 Limited prior to bidding. This can only be done 6 hours before the start of the auction. (NB** auction times are based on the local time of the country in which the auction is taking place)
  • When the Buyer wishes to cancel the purchase of the Unit after MY50 Limited has bought the unit, a request to MY50 Limited must be received within 24 hours of purchase. The buyer will be responsible for paying a cancellation fee of 50% for each bike or parts. In addition, any losses incurred on the resale of the unit. Please contact MY50 Limited for Details of the current cancellation fees.
  • Customer-bought Bikes or Vehicles are subject to a Foreign Storage charge. Charges are on a per unit per week basis. Based on the currency of the country in which the auction took place.
    Please contact MY50 Limited regarding the current Storage charges.
  • All prices are in Japanese YEN / USD /NZD /AUD or currency related to the country of origin for the storage.

Ranking System

All bikes that go to auction will have a ranking, to help you gauge the overall condition of the motorcycle. MY50 Limited ranks are slightly different from Live auction ranks. Our ranks are more value-orientated than most auctions. For example, some Live auctions rank aftermarket parts down, but MY50 Limited will give a good rank for good quality and this may include aftermarket parts. If you want totally original bikes you need to be aware of this when bidding and looking at photos. If you are unsure ASK!



Rank 6 to 10

Mint. New Bike or Near New Condition – Never Used and probably not started. May Still be in the Crate, may have VERY low mileage. No noticeable Scratches.

Rank 5

Used Bike is Very nice tidy and clean condition. May have very light scratches if any and average mileage. Requires no repairs.

Rank 4.5

Light Damage overall a clean bike.

Rank 4

A Used bike in average condition for the type of model it is. No missing parts and ridable. Damage is limited: Scuffs, cracks, small dents, etc. Comments are made on these points.

Rank 3

The bike requires repairs or replacement of parts to make it complete and ridable. Will comment on major problems only.

Rank 2

May be rusty, requiring restoration of major parts. May be missing some parts, but structurally OK.

Rank DAM

This Rank is for crashed or suspected Crashed Bikes. NO Claims – MY50 Limited will check the Bikes as best as we can and advise on Frames and other parts of the Bike.


Packing Your Bike

Your bike arrives at the depot. Packing staff prepare the Bike by removing, wrapping and cataloguing parts that may be damaged or may damage other units in the container. The Parts removed are carefully wrapped and labelled for your ease when unloading and assembling the motorcycles.

On packing day Bikes are covered with Blankets or thick Japanese Futons and are loaded into the container one by one. The Bikes are fixed to the floor by their stands and wheels are stopped using blocks nailed to the floor. A floor is built and then bikes are loaded on this floor. To protect bikes further sometimes Bubble wrap is used to cover the panels.

Out of our control

Unless MY50 Limited or its agents and intermediaries use a different method of packing, which will greatly affect the value of using a container, MY50 Limited cannot guarantee any packing when the container has been moved by rail over any distance. We strongly recommend that wherever possible you arrange your shipping route to be able to use trucking instead of rail. The Shunting movement of trains causes a lot of damage and is very hard to protect Bikes in a container against this kind of movement.


Understand the risks involved in moving vehicles, this risk belongs to you. MY50 Limited and all associated partners will do our best to ensure safe storage, movement and unpacking of your bike but the risk is your responsibility. If the bike you have bid on and won is of very high value we suggest talking to your private insurance company with regards to the type of insurance they can provide to mitigate these risks.

MY50 Limited does not offer any insurance and will not be held responsible for any damages caused whatsoever during the transportation part of the purchase regardless of the situation.


Motorcycles are moved by our agent’s staff and are stored in a secure, clean and dry warehouse until they are packed and shipped to your country.


FOB means “Free On Board”. This is where all the costs of the country of origin are paid for. Any other charges like customs and transport on your side are not paid for when you purchase the bike. Please note customs, port and biodiversity charges vary from country to country and may fluctuate without prior notice. You will be responsible for these charges.

As far as possible MY50 Limited will inform you of the expected charges but can not be held responsible for any fluctuations in pricing or additional costs that may incur due to unforeseen circumstances.   

For all bikes sent in containers, our agents will dismantle expensive parts or parts that pose a threat to other bikes while in transit. E.G., Indicators,  mufflers, footrests and mirrors. We also wrap all parts that are pulled off the bike in bubble wrap and label each one with the packing number for that bike. Bikes are then wrapped with thick blankets and held in position in the container by wood. MY50 Limited agents and intermediaries will pack two floors in the containers. This increases the amount of bikes you can export in each

container. MY50 Limited takes pride in the partners we choose and trusts them  to pack our containers in the best way possible. We feel that you will not find a better company for packing your bikes anywhere in the world.

Costs Involved

We do not charge for you to bid on any motorbikes there are only charges for successful bids!

You can bid on as many motorbikes as you wish. However, we do have to hold a security on the bikes you bid on, to ensure that we will receive payment should the bid be successful. EG if you want to bid on a bike for $3000 we need to have a 50% deposit ($1500) in our holding account 12 hours before bidding. Some of our bidders like to leave a float in the account so they can make last-minute bids. This is up to you.

Admin Costs

For successful bids there is a standard MY50 admin fee of $250 (excluding GST) this fee is used against the admin costs of getting the bike shipped to your location. The admin fee is per successful bid and is only charged if your bid is successful.

Admin fees are only charged on successful bids so feel free to bid on as many bikes as you like.

Full Payment

Full payment for the bidding amount plus the admin fee in New Zealand Dollars ($) needs to be paid to our New Zealand Bank account 3 days after a successful bid. Late payments will incur a $50 per day late payment fee. After 14 days if full payment is not received MY50 will resell the bike to recover costs.


Discounts can be negotiated with frequent bidders. If you are using our portal on a regular basis we appreciate your custom and would be happy to set out rates that suit the frequency of your purchases.

Transport, Shipping and GST

Additional costs can be expected depending in your country of landing. Costs vary from country to country. This is to give you a general idea. Please note as per above you will be responsible for these charges and they must be factored into the price you are willing to pay for a bike. Shipping fees fluctuate as a result we will only be able to give the final shipping fees when bikes get packed for shipping.

  • Purchase price of your bike: I.E The amount you bid for the bike.
  • GST – General Sales Tax for your country. 
  • Shipping and Ports Charges – $450 plus GST
  • Local transport – This depends on where you are located from the landing port. FREE if collected from the Port of Entry
  • Local storage – should you not be able to collect your bike we can store it on your behalf. Costs are $50 per week.

NB* All local costs exclude GST where applicable.

Contact MY50 for an additional costs check sheet so you can work out any additional costs.

Other potential charges in countries with biodiversity laws may include:

Biosecurity inspections.

No payments will be refunded unless:

  • Your bid is unsuccessful – I.E you do not make the highest bid
  • You cancel your bid 12 hours before the start of the auction as set out above.

All additional payments for Japanese Motorcycle Auctions as set out above will need to be settled before your bike/ s can be collected. No bikes will be handed over until full payment of all costs is received.

NB** Should MY50 not receive the balance of costs before the day of landing MY50 reserves the right to sell the bike at any sale price to recover these additional costs. The cost to be covered will include but not be limited to:

  • Admin
  • Storage
  • Marketing the sale of the bike
  • Transportation
  • Other

No further claims or disputes will be entered into.


All monies for unsuccessful bids or bids cancelled before the 12-hour cut-off will be refunded within 7 working days for unsuccessful bids or can be left in our account for future bids. 

Refund costs

All refunds will incur an admin fee of $15.00 (this fee will be waived for consistent clients who have made 5 or more successful bids) 

Registration of bikes in your country

Bikes will come with a certificate of purchase which can be used to register your bike for road use in your country. NB* Please note these laws vary from country to country and you should understand the restrictions and costs in your country to register your bike before you bid should you want it to be road-legal.

Some bikes will require certification depending on the laws in your country. MY50 Limited will not be held responsible if you cannot register the vehicle for road use due to specific laws relevant to your country.  This is your responsibility to understand before bidding.


Bidding on motorcycles through MY50 Limited via worldwide auctions is subject to the MY50 terms of use.


Should any disputes arise, MY50 Limited is a New Zealand-registered company and will be settled under New Zealand Law. NZB -9429047424678 

See – NZ companies Register 

Company details

MY50 – NZB -9429047424678 


+64 21 045 0918 

Business practice

MY50 Limited, its directors and employees pride themselves on providing excellent service, and open and honest business practices. New Zealand is rated number 1 in the world for the safest country to do business and we stand by these morals and ethics. We will only trade with businesses and individuals who display these same business ethics.

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