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Motorcycle Workshop

MY50 Motorbike Workshops

MY50 motorcycle workshops specialise in small motorcycles, scooters and mopeds from 50cc – 125cc. 

MY50 Motorcycle Workshops offer:

  • Motorcycle Servicing
  • Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Motorcycle Restoration
  • Motorcycle Customisation
  • VIN and Certification Services

We work on an appointment only basis please contact us for an appointment.

Start your own MY50 Motorcycle Workshop

If you have the skills to work on motorbikes or you are already working out of your garage why not join the MY50 Worldwide program! Get in touch for more details on how we can help you start your own MY50 workshop business!

Our mission is to provide a platform for anyone who loves 50cc motorbikes, to share their passion and connect with other small bike fans from around the world.


Brent Carpenter