Scooter, Moped and Motorcycle Workshop

The MY50 scooter, moped and motorcycle workshop is located in Nelson, New Zealand. We repair and service scooters, mopeds and small motorcycles under 125cc. 

Bookings are required as we work on an appointment basis. Please get in contact with us to make a booking for us to have a look at your scooter, moped or motorcycle. 



For professional and reliable moped and scooter servicing.

Experience Unparalleled Service at MY50 Motorcycles

Revolutionising the way you maintain your two-wheeled companions, MY50 Motorcycles, a recognised service provider, is primed to cater to your every need. Seamlessly book a service appointment with them via their user-friendly website,

Regular Oil Changes: Ensuring Optimal Performance

A cornerstone of effective maintenance, regular oil changes are essential for scooters and mopeds, just as for any other vehicle. By infusing fresh oil, the engine receives impeccable lubrication, mitigating friction and sustaining peak performance. For the ideal oil change intervals tailored to your model, glean insights from your owner’s manual or turn to trusted technicians like MY50 Motorcycles.

Air Filter Maintenance: Sustaining Engine Health

A pristine air filter is a non-negotiable for a robust engine. The accumulation of dust and debris within the filter can impede performance and amplify fuel consumption. Uphold efficiency and unimpeded airflow by adhering to the manufacturer’s advice on regular air filter cleaning or replacement.

Spark Plug Inspection and Replacement: Igniting Efficiency

The spark plug’s role in igniting the fuel-air mixture is paramount. Over time, these plugs can amass dirt or wear, culminating in lacklustre combustion and decreased performance. Safeguard the smooth, reliable operation of your engine by adhering to regular spark plug inspection and the manufacturer’s cleaning or replacement guidelines.

Battery Maintenance: Powering Reliability

A dependable battery is the key to effortless starts for your moped or scooter. Routinely assess battery terminals for signs of corrosion, promptly addressing them through cleaning. Ensuring optimal charge retention is vital, and replacing the battery if it no longer effectively holds a charge is a must.

Brake System Checks: Safeguarding Your Journey

An adept brake system is synonymous with safety. Regular scrutiny of brake pads, rotors, and fluid levels is paramount to guarantee their sound condition. Swift replacement of worn brake pads is imperative to uphold peak stopping efficacy. If anomalies like unusual sounds or decreased braking performance arise, enlisting the expertise of professionals such as MY50 Motorcycles for meticulous brake inspection and service is recommended.

Tire Maintenance: Treading the Path of Safety

Safety on the road begins with well-inflated tires boasting sufficient tread depth. Frequently monitor tire pressure, meticulously adhering to manufacturer-recommended levels. Regular tire inspections for wear, bulges, or foreign objects are prudent, with timely replacements as required.

Drive Belt and Chain Inspection: Sustaining Propulsion

For scooters and mopeds propelled by belt or chain systems, systematic examination and maintenance are non-negotiable. Proper tensioning and lubrication in line with manufacturer guidelines ensure seamless drive functionality. Timely replacement of worn or damaged components averts sudden breakdowns.

Suspension System: A Ride of Comfort and Stability

A finely-tuned suspension system promises a journey of comfort and stability. Regularly evaluate suspension components, including shocks and forks, for potential leaks, damage, or signs of wear. Rely on professionals like MY50 Motorcycles to expertly service and fine-tune your suspension system as needed.

Lighting and Electrical System: Illuminating Your Path

Uninterrupted visibility is ensured through the proper functioning of all lights, from headlights to taillights, turn signals, and brake lights. Routine inspections of electrical connections, fuses, and switches are crucial to maintain their integrity and prevent corrosion. Prompt resolution of lighting or electrical issues contributes to heightened safety on the road.

Professional Servicing: Elevating Maintenance

While some maintenance tasks are suitable for personal handling, engaging professionals for periodic servicing is recommended. MY50 Motorcycles’ specialised expertise in moped and scooter servicing guarantees…

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Moped and Scooter Repairs
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