50cc Super Charger Products

50cc Supercharger Products

Supercharger kit for Honda 50cc Horizontal Engines

The “Direct Bolt In” products are specifically designed for the 50cc Honda horizontal engines – Including but not limited to: Z50A, Z50M, Z50J, ST50, CT50, CL50, CF50, SS50, AB27 
– Supercharger assembly
– Supercharger Kit (set)
  – Drive belt
  – Drive belt cover
  – Driving pulley
  – Stretcher bearing assembly
  – Driving belt, jets, mounting bolts


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50cc Super Charger for Honda 50cc Engines

Supercharger 50cc Products (ready-assembled)

Can be mounted on a 50cc 4-stroke engine

– Compressor
– Boost storage tank
– Gas exchange unit
– Pulley

The products are sold ready-assembled because it is structurally optimised for supercharging 4 stroke 50cc engine.

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50cc Supercharger Assembly

Superchargers for Honda 50cc Engines

Our groundbreaking innovation integrates a 50cc supercharger into Honda 50cc Horizontal engines. It enhances small displacement engine performance, delivering a substantial acceleration boost of up to 40%. This strategic move extracts more power from an already efficient and economical platform. This caters to enthusiasts desiring an exhilarating riding experience on smaller bikes.

The supercharger’s compact size is engineered to seamlessly fit within the Honda 50cc Horizontal engine constraints. This ensures harmonious integration without compromising overall design or functionality. By compressing the air intake, the supercharger increases air-fuel mixture density, leading to improved combustion efficiency and a significant surge in horsepower, notably during acceleration. Riders experience a thrilling increase in performance.

These precision-designed 50cc supercharger kits prioritize durability, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques to withstand regular use. The user-friendly installation process allows motorcycle enthusiasts to undertake a DIY project or seek professional assistance for an efficient upgrade.

In conclusion, the introduction of 50cc supercharger products for Honda 50cc Horizontal engines opens new possibilities for riders seeking a spirited and dynamic riding experience on compact motorcycles. With the potential to increase acceleration by up to 40%, these superchargers represent a technological leap forward in maximizing small displacement engine performance without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

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