50cc Supercharger

Welcome to My50.com, in partnership with Nextar Consult Inc., where innovation meets performance in the world of motorcycles. Introducing the groundbreaking 50cc Supercharger. The 50cc Supercharger is a pioneering advancement that redefines acceleration dynamics in small engines.

Our state-of-the-art 50cc supercharger unit is designed to elevate your motorcycle experience by enhancing acceleration. Acceleration capability is improved by an impressive 100%. Through advanced compression technology, the supercharger efficiently forces air into your engine. This creates a heightened air supply that enables optimal fuel utilisation for unparalleled acceleration.

Acceleration is not just improved but doubled. This provides your motorcycle with perfect performance. This enhanced acceleration offers a more thrilling ride. It also contributes to superior manoeuvrability and safety, particularly in challenging traffic scenarios.


50cc Supercharger for Honda Engines
50cc Supercharger for Honda Engines
50cc Supercharger for Honda Engines

Supercharger Innovation

Our supercharger has been developed and optimised specifically for a
50cc 4-stroke engines. It is quite safe for an engine to operate with
our supercharger. The air supply takes place in an optimal mode. We
have developed a mechanical control unit without any electronics and
therefore its production cost is very low.

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50cc Supercharger for small engines.

Supercharger Acceleration and Test Results

To evaluate acquired data on acceleration dynamics we have conducted numerous experiments. Most of them – have acceleration and speed performance on stock and supercharged models. The most common results are shown here. As the diagram shows, the supercharged motorbike has an acceleration time of 8.5 seconds to reach a speed of 50 kilometres per hour. The time of acceleration for the stock model to reach the same speed is 14.5 seconds. Thus the time to reach the maximum allowed speed for the supercharged motorbike is 40% less than for the naturally aspirated stock motorbike. 50 kilometres per hour is the maximum speed of the target bike allowed by technical specifications.

50cc Super Charger Acceleration test results

Supercharger Productivity Chart of 50cc IC Engine with Supercharger

This diagram shows the theoretical and actual capacity of the supercharger at different back pressures. This also shows theoretical and actual curves of air consumption by the motorcycle engine.

Projection of the intersection of back pressure value points in the plenum at the defined (chosen) rpm on the Y axis shows actual engine air consumption at the chosen rpm. As a result of conducting numerous tests, we have determined optimal back pressure at the engine-defined rpm, notably: 0.4bar @4,000rpm, 0.6bar@6,000rpm and 0.8bar@8,000rpm. Comparisons show the overall vehicle parameters, especially on its acceleration characteristics, reliability and other less important, the presented values of backup pressure on diagrams are optimal.


Productivity Chart of 50cc IC Engine with Supercharger

Supercharger and manometer

There were many discussions about whether to equip the kit with an air gauge. The practice along with numerous road tests showed that a manometer like a speedometer became an integral part of a motorcycle. The operator eventually binds speedometer readings with air gauge indications. This intuitively defines the most appropriate driving mode under the given traffic conditions. The air gauge is not one of the kit’s regular elements. However, we will strongly recommend its installation on supercharged motorcycles. The connector for the pressure indicator is supplied with the purchase of every boost storage tank design. We also recommend the manometer with a scale of: -1Bar…+1.6Bar

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50cc Supercharger Innovation
Honda 50cc Engine Supercharger
Honda 50cc Engine Supercharger
Honda 50cc Engine Supercharger
Honda 50cc Engine Supercharger

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