Yamaha TZR 50 Race Bike

Yamaha TRZ50 Race Bike

Yamaha TZR50 Race Bike

Introducing the Yamaha TZR 50: Where Performance Meets Elegance in Perfect Harmony

Experience the pinnacle of youthful exuberance and precision engineering with the Yamaha TZR 50 race bike. Meticulously crafted to offer unrivalled performance and sleek aesthetics, this sport motorcycle epitomises the fusion of speed, style, and sophistication.

Key Features:

  1. Unbridled Performance: The Yamaha TZR 50 is a symphony of power and agility. Powered by a responsive engine, it delivers breathtaking acceleration and top-notch performance that sets hearts racing with every twist of the throttle.
  2. Sculpted Design: With a design inspired by the world of sport motorcycles, the Yamaha TZR 50 showcases an aerodynamic silhouette that not only turns heads but also enhances your riding experience by slicing through the air with finesse.
  3. Dynamic Handling: Thanks to advanced suspension technology, the Yamaha TZR 50 ensures precise and dynamic handling. Whether you’re navigating sharp corners or open roads, its responsive nature keeps you in complete control.
  4. Ergonomic Comfort: Designed with the rider in mind, the Yamaha TZR 50 features an ergonomically designed saddle and intuitive controls that create a harmonious riding experience. Enjoy extended rides without compromising comfort.
  5. Advanced Braking: Safety takes precedence with the Yamaha TZR 50’s cutting-edge braking system. Experience confident stops and precise control, whether you’re cruising through city streets or conquering challenging terrains.
  6. Crafted Perfection: Yamaha’s legacy of precision engineering shines through in every detail of the TZR 50. From the frame to the exhaust, each component is crafted to perfection, ensuring a motorcycle that is not only powerful but also built to last.

Why Choose the Yamaha TZR 50?

Choosing the Yamaha TZR 50 signifies your commitment to exceptional performance and undeniable style. Embrace the fusion of speed and elegance as you carve your path through the asphalt. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking a new thrill or a novice stepping into the world of sport motorcycles, the Yamaha TZR 50 promises an electrifying journey that elevates your riding prowess.

Technical Specifications:

Elevate Your Riding Experience Today

Experience the thrill of speed, precision, and elegance with the Yamaha TZR 50. An embodiment of youthful spirit and engineering mastery, this sport motorcycle takes your journey to new heights. Rediscover the joy of riding as you command the asphalt with confidence and style. Choose the Yamaha TZR 50 and elevate your riding experience today.


Price:NZD 4999 – Finance is available for this bike from as low as $35 per week.

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World Wide Shipping is available on request.

To purchase this bike contact MY50.com for more information.

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