Honda Z50 Monkeybike

Honda Z50 Monkeybike at Japanese Motorcycle Auctions

The Honda Z50 Monkey: A Collectible Motorcycle and Fun Investment

The Honda Z50 Monkey is a popular moped that has captured the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Originally designed as a child’s toy, it quickly became a favorite of adults.

History of the Honda Z50 Monkey

In 1961, Honda engineer Takeo Fujisawa conceived the idea for a small, lightweight motorcycle that could be easily transported. The Honda CZ100 debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show that same year, featuring a 50cc engine and a distinctive monkey-like design. In 1967, Honda introduced the Z50M, the first true Monkey bike, with a 49cc engine and folding handlebars.

Collectibility and Investment

Today, the Honda Z50 Monkey is a highly collectible motorcycle. These charming bikes are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, with vintage models selling for over $10,000. The Monkey’s value makes it a great investment, and its fun design makes it a popular choice for customization and restoration.

Customization and Restoration

Many Z50 Monkey owners enjoy restoring vintage models to their original condition or customizing them with unique paint jobs, exhaust systems, and other modifications. These modifications help create a bike that’s unique to its owner, providing a sense of pride and satisfaction.

Where to Buy a Honda Z50 Monkey

Interested in owning a Honda Z50 Monkey? Look no further than www.my50.com. Whether you’re a collector, restorer, or just someone who loves these iconic bikes, a Z50 Monkey is sure to bring a smile to your face.


The Honda Z50 Monkey is a collectible and fun investment that has stood the test of time. Its iconic design and fun ride have made it a favourite among motorcycle enthusiasts for generations. Whether you’re looking to collect, restore, or customize, the Z50 Monkey is sure to provide hours of enjoyment.