Honda Dax ST50 and ST70

Reviving Nostalgia: The Legendary Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 Motorcycles

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Do you appreciate vintage bikes that have withstood the test of time? If so, then you’ve likely heard of the Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 motorcycles. These iconic bikes have been capturing the hearts of riders for decades, and their collectable value continues to rise as enthusiasts seek to relive the nostalgia of these unique machines.

The Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 motorcycles were first introduced in the 1960s and quickly gained popularity for their distinctive design and exceptional performance. Originally designed for the Japanese market, these compact motorcycles were known for their durability, reliability, and versatility. They were particularly popular as pit bikes for racers, but soon found a wider audience due to their unique appeal.

The first edition of the Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 motorcycles were produced in 1969, and they featured a 49cc or 72cc four-stroke engine, respectively. These small-displacement engines provided ample power for their intended purposes and allowed for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. The ST50 and ST70 were designed with a distinctive “monkey bike” style, featuring a compact frame, large round headlight, and folding handlebars, which made them easy to transport in the back of a car or store in a small space.

Over the years, the Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 motorcycles underwent several updates and changes. In the early 1970s, Honda introduced improvements such as a larger fuel tank, a front disc brake, and a suspension with telescopic forks, which enhanced the overall performance and safety of the bikes. These upgrades made the Dax motorcycles even more popular among riders who were looking for a reliable and versatile off-road machine.

In 1978, the Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 motorcycles received a major overhaul, with the introduction of the ST50G and ST70G models. These new versions featured an updated design, including a square headlight, a redesigned fuel tank, and a new exhaust system. The ST50G and ST70G also came with a semi-automatic transmission, which made them easier to ride and more accessible to a wider range of riders.

The Honda Dax ST50 and ST70 motorcycles continued to be produced with minor updates and improvements until 1996, when production of these iconic machines ceased. However, their popularity did not wane, and vintage Honda Dax motorcycles are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Today, owning a vintage Honda Dax ST50 or ST70 motorcycle is not only a nod to the past, but it’s also a statement of style and individuality. These unique machines are cherished by collectors who appreciate their retro design, reliable performance, and the nostalgia they evoke. They are often used for display in museums, showcased at vintage motorcycle events, or lovingly restored and ridden by passionate riders who appreciate their charm and character.

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