Honda Chaly CF50 – MK1 vs MK2

Brent carpenter from MY50 takes a look at the Honda Chaly CF50.

Honda Chaly was produced from 1972 – 2000. As far as we can tell there are two main versions of the Honda Chaly. Call them Honda Chaly MK1 and MK2. There are a few slight differences between the two models of the Honda Chaly but essentially they are quite similar from most perspectives.

In this video, we look at the differences between the two versions of the CF50. Honda Chaly has become a great little bike for small bike collectors, renovators. They have also gained popularity in the small custom bikes genre as they are great bikes to customise.

What are your thoughts on the Honda Chaly CF50? Let us know in the comments below if you have a Honda Chaly, custom or original.

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