Yamaha Bobby – Test Ride

Brent Carpenter from MY50 test rides a Yamaha Bobby for the first time.

The Yamaha Bobby was brought out by Yamaha to rival the Honda Dax ST70 and ST50. The Bobby is a 2 Stroke 50cc moped / motorbike in the Monkey Bike Genre. Like the Dax I believe these bikes came out with the smaller 50cc motor as well as a slightly bigger 80cc version.

It’s a great bike for taller people that want to ride small bikes. It’s a great mid-range bike from a size point of view. The Yamaha Bobby is bigger than a traditional Monkey Bike but still a small bike.

The Yamaha Bobby has an air-cooled motor with a 3-speed manual gearbox. It’s great fun to ride and packs a punch for such a small bike.

Brent took it for a test ride and loved it. Let us know about your experiences with your Yamaha Bobby. Have we missed any vital information? I look forward to hearing your comments and stories.

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