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Can motorcycle gaming replace the real thing?

There have been a few days, especially in the winter season when all I want to do is ride my motorbike but alas, the weather is not playing along. It’s either raining or it’s too cold and icy (depending on which part of the world you live in) whatever the reason the sensible thing is just to stay off the bike. So I looked at what else I could do to get my motorbike fixed during these rainy stormy cold days.

I have never really been a gamer, the last time I was really into gaming was when I played Space Invaders on my Atari Game Consol back in the ’80s. So when considering getting my motorbike fix from inside my home did not even occur to me because all I remember is very average graphics and a slow loading process.

To my great surprise, I found a number of pretty awesome motorcycle games available on PS4 and Xbox like:

MotoGP 20 – PlayStation 4

Monster Energy Supercross

TT Isle of Man: Ride On The Edge

The graphics and sound of these motorcycle games are amazing WOW! It makes me wonder if I can really turn my petrol head self into an actual gamer? They certainly do not replace the bike but on a rainy, cold day indoors when you really want to ride your bike but cant, these are some great alternatives.

Have you played any of these games? What are your thoughts? Does gaming give the same thrill as the real thing?

Have motorcycle video games improved to the point where they offer just as much of a thrill as a real motorbike ride?

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