How to change a wheel bearing.

In this video Brent gives some tips on how to replace your wheel bearings on a motorbike.

Wheel bearings are an essential part of motorbike safety. Wheel bearings ensure that wheel rotation is smooth and consistent. A seized or failed bearing can cause damage to the bike and even worse cause a crash. Replacing wheel bearings on a regular basis will keep your bike well maintained and safe.

It is a relatively simple process and with some basic tools can be replaced in your garage.

This video is specific to small bikes under 125cc. It is very important to make sure that you get the correct bearing. Thickness and diameter needs to be 100% correct to avoid failure. The correct size of the bearing can be found engraved on the side walls of the bearing ( or find a parts manual). Alternatively take the old bearings into a bearing shop and the guys will be happy to assist you get the right parts.

Wheel bearings are relatively inexpensive for the vital role they play in the safety of your ride so its worth replacing them on regular intervals. We hope you enjoy this video.

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