Custom Honda Dax ST70

Today we revealed one of our Honda Dax ST70 custom builds. This was a standard Honda ST70 4 speed. We kept what we liked and changed up a few things to make this little Honda Dax something special. We built this bike especially for Syd’s Run, down in Christchurch, New Zealand. Syd’s Run is probably one of the biggest small bike runs in the world. It’s a showcase of small custom bikes.

Every year hundreds of small custom bikes descend on Christchurch for one of the most amazing motorbike experiences you can imagine. Honda Dax has become an increasingly popular vintage motorcycle to be customised.

The Honda Dax is a popular motorcycle to customise because of the size and it’s very easy to work on.

In addition to that there are a lot of after market parts and custom parts for the Honda Dax available on various sites around the world.

Were you at Syd’s Run this year or do you plan to go next year? We would love to know what your next custom build will be. Get in touch with us and show us your custom motorcycle build.

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