Syd’s Run Christchurch – 2021

Syd’s Run in Christchurch New Zealand is probably one of the most awesome gatherings of small bikes in the world. Every year the small bike community gets together to celebrate life on small bikes by taking a big ride on small bikes through Christchurch, New Zealand. There are all types of bikes from mopeds, scooters, custom builds and some very cool classic originals. No matter what you are ridding its all about the people. There is no better place to meet amazing people with a passion for small bikes. This year was no exception, we went down to enjoy the sites and sounds of Christchurch on our small bikes. The route started at Christchurch Cathedral from there we passed through the Littleton Tunnel, up the mountains, back into Christchurch City for Lunch. After lunch there was a Country loop with a few stops to gather around, chat to mates and check out all the awesome custom builds. From there we headed back to Smash Palace to enjoy a beer with new found mates, share stories and a good laugh. This is what went down… Enjoy! If you have small bike runs in your country or community we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us on www.my50.com

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