Vintage Motorbike Auctions


You can now bid on Japanese motorbikes for your collection!

Welcome, to the awesome world of rare and collectable motorcycles. Vintage motorcycles provide an excellent platform for investment. Rare and collectable motorbikes have been increasing steadily in value over the past 10 years since we have been involved in collectable motorcycles.

You know have the opportunity to have access to buying these and many more motorcycles with via our worldwide motorcycle auctions.

MY50 Limited acts on your behalf to bid on worldwide motorcycle auctions using agents and intermediaries. All auctions are subject to our terms and condition as well as the terms and conditions of the intermediaries, their agents and laws governed by the countries of these agents and intermediaries.

Register to bid.

Register your interest in bidding for motorcycle auctions by sending us a message from the “Contact Us Page” at

You can also join our Facebook page  or Instagram  to receive general notifications of bikes coming up for auction. We will post photos of rare and collectable motorbikes coming up for auction that we think are awesome on our website and social media platforms as per above.

How do I know what bikes I can bid on?

We will upload photos of bikes we think will be of interest to our subscribers as and when they become available on auctions (usually every week or two) you can sign up for our newsletter on or follow our social media platforms:

Collectors who have specific interests for their collections:

If you want to only receive bidding information on specific bikes for your collection send us a message from our “Contact Us” page with the specific bikes you are interested in bidding on and we can create a more personalised approach for you. By creating a specific search list with us we can make sure we only send you bikes that are of interest to you.

Bikes available for bidding

We will send out initial photos of bikes that come up that may be of interest to give you a general idea of what’s available on upcoming auctions. If you feel that you would like to really actively bid for a specific bike you can send us a message from our “Contact Us” page or call / WhatsApp Brent Carpenter on +64 (0) 21 045 0918 and we will send through around 30 additional photos as well as descriptions so that you can take a more specific look at the bike you are bidding on.