How to Start a Yamaha RD50

Brent goes through a few simple steps on how to start an Old Yamaha RD50. This particular Yamaha RD50 has been sitting in a barn for many years, so it’s time to get it fired up and back on the road. There are a few principles that are pretty easy for most people to follow. Even if you are not the best mechanic these steps will help you with the basics .

These steps will apply to most small bikes that have been standing for a very long time. Getting an old bike started after it has been standing for a long time normally involves:

Checking the spark plug to see if you are getting spark, making sure all the fuel is clean as well as the petrol tank. Check if you find any blockages caused by dirt as well as old oil and fuel mixtures. More often than not, as you will see in this video, the Carburettor is very dirty.

If the carburettor is dirty you will find the jets are blocked. This means that no fuel can get through to the combustion chamber. You will need to clean the carburettor. Most of these small bikes have pretty similar carb setups. If you have never cleaned a carburettor before you can watch our video on how to do this here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbL2msLznDs&t=1s

Follow these few simple steps and you should get your bike up and running in no time. All the best…get in touch if you are having any problems and maybe we can help!