What's new with my50!

You may have noticed my50.com has had a makeover. We're still the same site you know and love, just with a generous dose of TLC and shiny new features added.

Here's what we've been up to:

New improved goal setting

Making more of your dreams

My50 has always been there for you to list and achieve your dreams, and now it does that better than ever before. We've added handy steps to goals so that you can track your progress in detail, cover photos so you can bring your dreams to life, and the ability to create shared goals to complete with your friends.

Make more of your achievements

Miniscule or monumental, everything you achieve on my50 matters. We'll give you a certificate for each goal you check off, whether it's making your mum a cup of tea or running a marathon. Our new Achievements Gallery highlights some of our favourites, and there's a ranking system for the most prolific achievers amongst you.

Make more of your achievements
Connect with each other

Making it easier to talk

There are now over 1,000,000 goals on the site set by people from Colorado to Colombo. Now each goal is a dream hub where anyone can get talking and give the person striving for my50 greatness encouragement. Goals are better with friends.

Making it easier to share

With the new my50 your Facebook and Twitter followers are never more than a click away. Share your dreams with your social media followers, or show off a bit and show them what you've achieved.

Making it easier to share