Q. my50 looks different: what have you done?

Well noticed! Yes my50 has had a digital makeover, but it’s still the same site you know and love. For more info check out What’s new.

Q. Is there a mobile app?

No not right now, but we hope to be taking pride of place next to Angry Birds on your phone in the near future.

For now the site has a ‘responsive design’ so it’ll automatically resize itself to look great on your phone or tablet. If you spot something that doesn’t quite look right while you’re mobile browsing, let us know via the Feedback tab on the right of your screen.

Q. Is my50 a habit-building site?

Nope. My50 is a site for you to lay out and achieve all those things you’ve said you’d love to do but never get round to. It’s about living life to the full in an inspiring community of dreamers and achievers.

Q. Can I share my achievements/goals on Facebook, Twitter and other sites?

Yes! You can do this using the social share buttons on every goal page. We’re also working to build new ways for you to tweet and share your aspirations socially so keep an eye out for news. We currently support Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

Q. Do I have to make all my goals public or can I keep some private?

Your goals are special and personal to you, so we understand if you also want them to make some of them private. Just select the option using the person icon on the goal creation form, and the goal will be private. You can change the privacy of a goal at any time by going to the goal and changing the choice in the edit options.

Q. How do I find my friends on the site?

If they have an account on my50 simply search for them using their name in the main site search. If you want to keep up to date with what they’re doing you can also connect your accounts permanently so that their list is never more than a few clicks away.

If they don’t already have an account on my50, we’d recommend pestering them until they join. After that, see above.

Q. Can I invite my friends through Twitter etc?

Not yet but this is a feature we’ll be looking at in the future. If you’d love to see this then you can vote it up in the ideas section using our Feedback tab on the right of the screen.

Q. Do I have to use my real name?

We’d prefer that you did, but obviously we aren’t going to invest in the services of PI to check up on each of you. At my50 your privacy is one of our top priorities, so if you want to remain anonymous on the site we give you the option to choose and use a unique username in place of your real name. Select this in your settings when logged in on the site.

Q. What do I do if I am subject to abuse on the site or see something I deem offensive or inappropriate on my50?

This is really important to us. My50 is supposed to be an inspiring community and as a user you should never feel intimidated or in any way uncomfortable using the site. We have built a ‘Report content’ function into every goal, achievement and user list on the site. Using this sends a real person - one of the my50 team - a message so they can review the item in question.

If someone has been offensive or inappropriate to you or someone else, they’ll be introduced to the business end of the infamous my50 ban hammer. Obviously this applies to you as well, so play nice.

Q. Why only 50? Can I add more goals?

You can have as many goals as you want on the site, but isn’t quite as catchy is it? 50 is a pretty manageable number of goals to have, but if you’d rather have 1 or 1,000 then that’s fine with us too - every goal matters.

Q. Do you do a newsletter? Where can I get it?

We are going to be sending out some really cool information about the awesome challenges our users set and achieve in the near future so watch this space. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, then make sure you have the newsletter subscription option selected on your Settings page. Don’t worry, we hate spam more than anyone, so everything we send you will be worthwhile.

Q. How do I get my goals or list on the featured list?

Bribe the my50 administrators with cake, or send us funny pictures of cats. Just kidding. We regularly surf the site to find and add the inspirational, quirky or adventurous goals and users we spot to our featured lists but there are so many awesome goals on my50 that we can’t promise to find everyone. If you want to jump the queue hit us up on Facebook or twitter with a link to your goal and we’ll happily oblige. 

Q. Do I have to pay to use my50?

That’s an easy one: no! We don’t ask you to pay because we don’t think you should have to spend money to dream.

Q. How do I contact you?

We love talking with our community about anything and to prove it we give a you a number of ways to get in touch. For general chit-chat and banter please get involved on our social pages:


For any more formal questions send us a message via our Contact us page

Finally if you have a great idea for my50, something you’d love to see us do or notice a bug on the site we’d love it if you’d get in touch via the Feedback tab on the right of your page.